Mr. Raj Kumar Bajaj (Trustee)

Raj has a First class Honours degree in mechanical engineering with a Best Asian Student Fellowship from United States Educational Foundation for Home Study Awards. He went on to start a professional career with multinational American brand Ingersoll Rand. In 1982 Raj was requested by his family to join his family business of Travel, Tourism & Hospitality. Being a committed family-man & dutiful son, he complied and today has taken Group of Travel companies to new heights. There was no silver spoon for him and under the strict surveillance of his legendary father, Raj grew to be an expert of creating an all-inclusive experience that showcases the best of Indian Sub-continent for overseas visitors. With his strong academic background being a topper throughout & backed with cultural values and ethos, he duly sharpened with his robust training in inbound tourism. With more than 30 years in the travel business, Raj today focuses his efforts on marketing and growth strategies. His personal passion for Innovative Ideas including conceptualization of Tourism with Charity Tours besides Accessible Tourism for physically challenged has taken the group to the forefront in this niche market.

Service to Humanity

Being in tourism sector, as part of our philanthropically marketing approach, our corporate vision and policy is aimed at innovative income generation activities of self-help groups thru involvement of international communities accruing the benefit and support to local communities.

As part of this drive, under the aegis of founder Shri Badri Bajaj Memorial Trust our organization takes philanthropically initiatives based on the motto of Academic Excellence, Scholarships, Character Building thru benevolent commitment and compassion in Action of Service to Humanity;

  1. Cycling for Charity
  2. Helping Hands and Responsible Tourism
  3. Accessible Tourism for Physically Challenged
  4. Patronage of Blind School for Girls
  5. Patronage and Support to Old Age Homes
  6. Education and Books for the needy and orphans
  7. Supporting the Orphan Girls in marriage etc.
  8. Scholarships to Tourism Students