The objects which are to be pursued by the Trust shall be to care for the social, educational, medical and well-being of all creations of the god and more in particular those of mankind, trees, animals etc., and further include the following incidental objects:

  1. To advance literacy and education in such subjects as the Trustees may think fit, among the public especially weaker section of the Society and to extend, grant, financial help to the poor deserving and needy persons in the matter of Education, irrespective of their caste, creed, sex or religion etc., wherever they are situated.
  2. To establish and conduct Schools, colleges. Institutions, Universities in all or any subjects and undertake activities relating to education.
  3. To establish and manage Dharmshalas, Choultries or Rest houses for the benefit of pilgrims, tourists and students going on educational tours.
  4. To construct, maintain and manage community halls, meditation halls, halls for lectures, discourses and debates for advancement of knowledge and gaining mental health, peace and stability.
  5. To publish books, periodicals and other literature in print, electronic, audiovisual media etc., which are of utility and interest to users including Bhagavad Gita, Vedas, Upanishads and Philosophical books of the like nature etc.
  6. To cooperate with Institutions, associations, persons, body corporate, governments, trusts, autonomous bodies etc. having similar aims and objects as that of the Trust.
  7. To acquire by purchase, donation, gift or otherwise hold on lease, hire, or on rent by exchange any movable or immovable property/so
  8. To sell, give on lease or hire or rent or exchange temporarily any moveable or immovable properties of the Trust.
  9. To enter into any kind of arrangement, contract, partnership, joint venture with any Government Authority, Organization, Institution, body or person such rights, concessions, grants, helps, privileges etc. as the Trustees may think desirable and to obtain carry out exercise and comply with any such arrangement, contract, privilege, right or concession.
  10. To hire, employ, manage and dispense with all staff, advisers, consultants, professors, teachers, instructors, doctors, nurses, technicians, engineering staff, scientist, managers, secretary, legal advisors, advocates, chartered accountants, clerks, servants, workman and others and pay them salaries, wages.
  11. To provide for Gratuities and pensions or other remuneration, solarium, fees, or honorarium as may be necessary and as is fixed by the Trustees time to time.
  12. To communicate, exchange, depute represents with research bodies Chambers of Commerce, Institutions, Associates, Organizations, Governments, Autonomous bodies etc. both national and international to ensure diffusion of useful knowledge for achievement of the main objects of the Trust; to accept donations, gifts or contributions in cash or kind from Governments in India, abroad or Governmental Institutions, autonomous bodies and or person/persons, societies, trusts, body corporate, associations etc. within India or abroad, and to hold examinations and to confer to the students diplomas, degrees, certificates and other distinctions as permissible under the law for proficiency in the distinctive fields of their work, achievement or knowledge.
  13. That the Trustees shall have power to acquire, amalgamate with any trust, society, body, institution or organization of similar nature having main objects similar to that of the Trust if so decided by the General Body.
  14. To establish funds, reserve, trust to further the interest of the Trust.
  15. To borrow money, funds for carrying out of the activities of the Trust and for that purpose create security by mortgage or charge or pledge or hypothecation any of the Moveable or immovable properties of the Trust.
  16. To formulate and adopt rules of the Trust to be followed from day to day running of the affairs of the Trust and to amend, repeal or/and substitute as per the requirements of the Trustees from time to time.
  17. To do and cause to be done all such lawful things are in accordance with the spirit and principles of the objects of the Trust or which are conducive to the attainment and pursuit of the aims and objects of the Trust.
  18. All the above is subject to the provisions of existing laws especially the provisions of Income Tax law enumerated in sections 2(15),10 (23) (IV), 11,12,12A, 13,35 (l)(iii) and 80 G or any other provisions of the Income Tax Act, 1961 as are enforced time to time and also provisions of other direct tax laws. The income of the Trust whatsoever derived shall be applied solely towards the permitted objects of the Trust as set forth in the above paragraphs of the Trust Declaration and that no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividends, bonus or otherwise whatsoever by way of profit to the members of the Trust or to Trustees or to the Author. However, that nothing herein shall prevent the payment of reasonable and proper remuneration to working office bearers, servants and employees of the Trust.
  19. To do and cause to be done all such lawful things as are in accordance with the spirit and principles of the objects of the Trust or which are conducive to the attainment and pursuit of the aims and objects of the Trust.
  20. No additions, amendments or alternation to the objects mentioned in the foregoing clauses can be made without due approval of the Board of Trustees duly and notified to Tax Authorities and other Government Agencies wherever applicable.