Badri Nath Memorial Trust India was established in 2002 and is registered with the Government of India as a Trust. It is registered before Sub Registrar, Delhi vide ledger no 2780 Additional Book no 4, Serial no 3041 on page 3 to 9 dated 25/06/2002, Registered by DGIT(Exemption) New Delhi vide order number DIT (E0 2002-2003 /B-927/1532 dated 27th Feb, 2003, The Exemption under section 80-G if the income tax Act 1961 granted vide order no DIT(E)/2002-03/B -927/3063 dated 27-02-2003.

Any individual person, group of persons, society(ies), organization, corporate can contribute in cash or kind or offer their services to provide training to the under privileged or poor people of the society by giving them training in any field, skilled or semi-skilled. Doctors, nurses, teachers, ex government employees, ex defence persons, police officers/men and all others who wish to contribute in the noble cause of providing training to the poor people who could not study by any virtue in remote areas can offer their services in the field of health care, agriculture, tourism, hospitality, road safety by which they can earn some money and can earn for their livelihood. Training can be provided to them full time or part time and would not be a compulsion and would only be a social responsibility.

The contribution made to the Badri Nath Bajaj Memorial Trust shall be applied only for the above noble cause and within such territories only and subject to such conditions or limitations if any, as may from time to time be laid down in the Income Tax, 1961 or any other Act governing tax on income tax.

The relief shall not be limited or restricted to persons of any particular caste or community or creed or religion as far as it is not inconsistent with the objects herein mentioned.